Eagles and Irish blast away

A dozen BC and Notre Dame alumni (and friends) from San Diego met on the battlefield Saturday in friendly “combat” at The Paintball Park, Camp Pendleton.

Prior to the match, without paintball “wounds.” L-R: Eagles Matt Landa JD’13, Kevin Calkins ’00, Nick Hurt ’00, Bill McDonald ’68, Jon Smallwood, Brian Tsu ’00 and Irish Joe White ’09, Quinn Kilpatrick ’13, Josh Shambaugh ’14, Katie Wehner ’13, Roger Sammon ’14, Mychael Medina.

As no one on either team had done this before, we opted for “Paintball Lite.” That means smaller and less powerful guns, smaller and less painful paintballs, no bruises . . . except to pride. Over a couple of hours, the teams competed in several different venues at the park. To be honest, the Golden Domers were generally better at it this time than the Eagles, who are aiming at a rematch.

Here’s a brief (<4 mins) video of some of the action:


Always Eagles

L-R: Brian Tsu '00, Allison ___ 'XX, Wendy Fai Roos '85 P'16, Mary-___ MSW'77, ___ 'XX, Anne Korn___ 'XX, Lissa Tsu '00, Michael Capenter 'XX, Erin Carpenter '02, ____ 'XX, Natalie _____ 'XX, ______ '99, Leslie Tsai '99, Zeke Amati 'XX, Kevin Smoskey 'XX, Bill McDonald '69, Sandy ___ '75, Jim ____ '75, Pierre Godefroy '56, George Washington Ex'75

L-R: Brian Tsu ’00, Allison Shepstone ’06, Wendy Fai Roos ’85 P’16, Mary-Lou Kiley MSW’77, Robin Janak Marantette ’02, Anne Kornahrens ’11, Lissa Herrick Tsu ’00, Michael Carpenter ’01, Erin Holmes Carpenter ’02, Stephen Marantette ’99, Natalie Crutchfield ’11, Zeynab Barakat ’99, Leslie Tsai ’99, Zeke Oliwa ’14, Kevin Smosky ’00, Bill McDonald ’68, Sandee Thomas, Jim Trahon ’75, Pierre Godefroy ’56, George Washington x’75 (Dylan and Ella Carpenter help out with our banner in the very front)

Twenty San Diego Eagles gathered for the chapter’s first “Always an Eagle” event Sunday at the Green Dragon Tavern & Museum, Carlsbad, Calif. BCSD was one of 31 alumni chapters nationally to hold this event sponsored by the University.

BC sponsors such events around the country to welcome new graduates into local chapter areas. San Diego County generally gets 12-15 new graduates each year, returning home or coming to this area for the first time. While two members of the Class of 2016 registered for the event, they were unable to attend.

Bill McDonald '68 presents a certificate to Pierre Godefroy '56 recognizing him as a "Golden State Golden Eagle." At right is Lissa Tsu '00, chapter leader.

Bill McDonald ’68 presents a certificate to Pierre Godefroy ’56 recognizing him as a “Golden State Golden Eagle.” At right is Lissa Herrick Tsu ’00, chapter leader.

BCSD thought it would be fitting, as well, to acknowledge our senior alumni, the Golden Eagles, alumni who graduated 50 or more years ago. Pierre Godefroy ’56 attended yesterday and we presented him with a “Golden State Golden Eagle” certificate.

The Green Dragon Tavern & Museum (6115 Paseo Del Norte, Carlsbad) is a replica of the original Revolutionary War-era tavern in Boston. In expanded spaces, it is also a museum offering artifacts from the American Revolution time period, and it provides meeting rooms and more. Besides the Boston connection between BCSD and Green Dragon, Bruce Bartlett, president of the Green Dragon and history buff who conceived and executed the project, is a BC parent, father of Brooke Bartlett Rodriguez ’00.

Third annual chapter Mass


Members of BC Alumni San Diego and friends attended the chapter’s third annual Mass and reception Sunday. The events were held on the campus of Cathedral Catholic High School, San Diego.

Here is a brief video of the event.

Celebrant of the Mass was Peter Gyves, S.J., ’73, ’94, ’08, associate pastor of Our Lady of Guadalupe, the only Jesuit parish in the San Diego area. Hosting the chapter were Kevin Calkins ’00, principal of Cathedral Catholic, and his wife, Beth Calkins ’03.