Eagles and Irish blast away

A dozen BC and Notre Dame alumni (and friends) from San Diego met on the battlefield Saturday in friendly “combat” at The Paintball Park, Camp Pendleton.

Prior to the match, without paintball “wounds.” L-R: Eagles Matt Landa JD’13, Kevin Calkins ’00, Nick Hurt ’00, Bill McDonald ’68, Jon Smallwood, Brian Tsu ’00 and Irish Joe White ’09, Quinn Kilpatrick ’13, Josh Shambaugh ’14, Katie Wehner ’13, Roger Sammon ’14, Mychael Medina.

As no one on either team had done this before, we opted for “Paintball Lite.” That means smaller and less powerful guns, smaller and less painful paintballs, no bruises . . . except to pride. Over a couple of hours, the teams competed in several different venues at the park. To be honest, the Golden Domers were generally better at it this time than the Eagles, who are aiming at a rematch.

Here’s a brief (<4 mins) video of some of the action:



Photo by Mary Berube ’80

A contingent of BC Alumni San Diego ventured out to Anza-Borrego Desert State Park Saturday, joining many thousands of visitors seeking to view perhaps the richest display of desert wildflowers there this century.

The Park is about 90 miles northeast of downtown San Diego. It is California’s largest state park, covering more than 600,000 acres. Rainfall in California this winter season has been the most voluminous in several years, leading to the extensive flowering in areas that have seen little in recent years.

Photo by Jania Andreotti ’85

The BCSD group split up into two groups, based on time of arrival. Both groups sought to visit Henderson Canyon, with wide fields of flowers, as seen above, and Mine Wash, in the southern section of the Park. One group made it to both. The other couldn’t find Mine Wash and, instead, visited Cactus Loop Trail. Both groups made the original lunchtime rendezvous at Carlee’s in Borrego Springs.

Seated, l-r: Bill McDonald ’68, Mike Scott, Mary Ann Scott ’75, Lissa Tsu ’00, Brian Tsu ’00; standing, l-r: Mary Berube ’80, Ray Berube ’78, Jania Andreotti ’85, Pat Ahern ’11, Meryl Evangelista.

The video below has scenes┬ámostly from Henderson Canyon and Cactus Loop Trail, including photos by Lissa Tsu ’80. There are also photos of Henderson Canyon and Mine Wash from Mary Berube ’80 and Jania Andreotti ’85.

Last year, another contingent saw desert wildflowers and then went to Eagle Rock in nearby Warner Springs. Automobile access, which was available then, is no longer possible. Eagle Rock is, however, accessible on the Pacific Crest Trail. BCSD is considering a hike to Eagle Rock from Warner Springs, a round trip of 6.4 miles. Look for details in coming weeks.

R.I.P. – J. Donald Monan, SJ

Fr Monan, Commencement 1996, his final year as President.

J. Donald Monan, SJ, 24th president of Boston College, died Saturday at the age of 92. He served longer than any other BC president, from 1972 until 1996. Following his presidency, he served in the new office of University Chancellor until his death.

The University has an extensive memorial section online. BC Alumni San Diego welcomes comments about and recollections of Fr. Monan.