MacArthur “Genius” from BC

Robin Fleming, professor and chair of History at BC, has been named a MacArthur Fellow for 2013. She is the first member of the University faculty to receive this distinguished honor.

The awards, from the MacArthur Foundation, have been known popularly as “genius” awards. They are awarded on the basis of anonymous nominations from leaders in the various fields represented. Recipients receive $625,000 over five years to use as they see fit.

MacArthur Foundation profile of Prof. Flemming. There is a brief, nice video of Prof. Fleming included.

This is another academic honor to add to the list of those received by BC faculty members. Congratulations, Prof. Fleming!

Great day! . . . Not so great game

USC bus #1

San Diego Eagles invaded the land of Troy on Saturday, September 14. Didn’t win, but made a successful incursion and showed BC Pride!

Two game buses, with about 65 on board, made the trek to LA. The photo above shows several of those on Bus #1.

While walking up to the BC hospitality tent, I had the pleasure of running into Steve Novak, director of development for Athletics and a former colleague, who then introduced me to Brad Bates, director of Athletics. I told Bates that at least 100 San Diego alumni were attending the game through auspices of the chapter, and he seemed enthused about that. He said BC intended to make more visits to SoCal and California, which we all hope happens.

Two classmates from the East Coast also joined me on the bus ride and at the game — Tom Sugrue (Alexandria, VA) and Larry Kenah (Acton, MA). Tom and I had served as co-sports editors of the Heights back in the day, a fact we were proud to share with Bates. Here is a pic of us at the game (l-r, Sugrue, McDonald, Kenah). Thanks to Nick Lellenberg for the great shot.


What was your game experience like? Any fun or bizarre things happen? Please post some pics as well.

I thought Boston Globe coverage of the game was interesting, as least in terms of the weather. One writer talked about “arid” temperatures in the 90s and another described the scene as “sun-splashed.” Welcome to Southern California!

And who knew USC would be using Eagle portapotties?! :)


Florida State next . . . after a welcome rest and recovery. Game watch September 28, 12:30 pm, at The Beer Company.