Family Brunch and Playdate

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Back Row, L-R, Huber Family, Lissa Tsu, Chris Duncan, Lowery Family, Carpenter Family Front Row, Brian Tsu

On a typical overcast July day in Solana Beach five Boston College families reconnected over pancakes, coffee and a playground with an ocean view.

As we know, most BC Alumni events happen over beer, or past a little one’s bedtime or both. It was a nice change of pace to meet fellow alumni over breakfast with all of our children in tow. In fact, at our long table of 18 the children almost outnumbered the adults at Beach Grass Café, and the eight little girls outnumbered the one little boy. Alumni ranged from the class of 1997 to the class of 2002 and most lived in North County. We reminisced about BC reunions, the best neighborhoods in San Diego to raise kids, how we all ended up out in California, and a lot of talk about how life with kids changes everything.

After breakfast we walked to Fletcher Cove and let the kids play while the adults got a true chance to catch up. As the sun emerged around noon, we all agreed it was time to go, it was naptime after all.


Tyson Lowery, Chris Duncan, Brian Tsu, Michael Carpenter, Erin Carpenter

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